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CARE & CARE (Medical Center)

Charity Care Policy for Medical Center (A Division of CARE & CARE)


           CARE & CARE is committed to improve the quality of life of those who are disadvantaged by Poverty, disability or age. CARE & CARE is striving to establish a foundation for a dignified and meaningful life of those individuals and families through the availability of exclusive services for “Charitable, Religious, Educational and Scientific purposes”.  

                 CARE & CARE Medical Center’s mission is of providing Primary Care services to the needy and underserved individuals and families in a manner that preserves the dignity of the individuals, this Charity Care Policy (the Policy) describes the policies and procedures relating to the provision of charity care to persons who are unable to pay for all or a portion of their bill. No individual will be denied medically necessary Primary Care services based on a demonstrated inability to pay for those services.

           To describe the CARE & CARE Medical Center’s policy related to the provision of charity care to persons who are unable to pay for all or a portion of their bill. No person will be denied medically necessary Primary Care services based on a demonstrated inability to pay for those services. It is not the intention of the CARE & CARE Medical Center to collect amounts that exceeds an individual’s ability to pay,



           CARE & CARE’s medical center’s mission is to provide effective, competent and compassionate Primary focused Health Care services not only to the Muslim community, but all other under privileged and un-insured community members regardless of their Race, Religion, Status, Nationality and Color of the residents of subsequent communities.

            The CARE & CARE Medical Center offers as part of its mission, medically necessary Primary care services to those individuals not covered under a third party insurer or government program or who do not have resources to pay all or a portion of their bills.

Charity Care Services:

           CARE & CARE services are strictly Primary Care focused and maintenance in nature. Primary Care services to individuals are always provided without regard to the patient’s ability to pay.

Specific Exclusions:

           Charity care will not be available to patients for services that are not medically necessary. Treatments inconsistent with the Ethical and Religious Guidelines are specifically excluded from the CARE & CARE Medical Center’s Charity Care Policy. In addition, non-essential services and services that are not appropriate to a Primary Care Clinical settings may also be excluded from this policy.

Family Income:

           Family income includes earnings, unemployment compensation, workers’ compensation, Social Security, supplemental security income, public assistance, veterans’ payments, survivor benefits, pension or retirement income, rents, royalties, income from alimony, child support, assistance from outside the household, and other miscellaneous sources. Non-cash benefits (such as food stamps and housing subsidies) do not count. Family income is calculated before taxes and excludes capital gains or losses.

           Patients qualify for 100% charity care if their family income is at or below 120% of the Federal poverty guidelines. (For information on the Federal Poverty Guidelines go to:

           Patients are responsible for 20% to 80% of their bill if their family income is between 150% and 250% of the Federal poverty guidelines. Please refer to the current charity care income guidelines (attached) for sliding fee scale eligibility percentages.

           Except as provided in the next sentence, cases in which a person is uninsured, not eligible for Medicaid and otherwise qualified for charity care under this Policy, the discounts described above will be applied to the table of rates from the CARE & CARE Medical Center’s lowest paying third party insurer payable.  



           The needs for charity care may be a sensitive and deeply personal issue for the recipients. Confidentiality of information and preservation of individual dignity shall be maintained for all who seek charitable services. Orientation of staff and the selection of personnel who will implement this policy and procedure should be guided by these values. No information obtained in the patient’s charity care application may be released unless the patient gives expressed permission for such release, except to bona fide governmental agencies requesting aggregate data.

Patient Notification:
1-       Since it is the duty of the CARE & CARE Medical Center to ensure that every patient is made aware of the existence of its Charity Care Policy, all employees in the scheduling, patient access, patient financial services will be fully versed in the Charity Care Policy, have access to the charity care application forms, and be able to direct questions to the appropriate CARE & CARE Medical Center representative.   
2-       The CARE & CARE Medical Center shall post multilingual notices as to any policies on charity care in prominent locations within the Medical Center including, but not limited to, waiting room and the patient registration area. Said notices shall be published in at least in the following languages: English and Spanish, and shall be clearly visible to the public from the location at which they are posted.
3-       The CARE & CARE Medical Center shall provide patients, in a timely manner, a summary of its Charity Care Policy upon request. The summary, at a minimum shall provide specific information as to the income levels used to determine eligibility and the means of applying for assistance. This summary shall be written at or below a sixth grade reading level.
4-       The CARE & CARE Medical Center shall post its Charity Care Policy summary on their Internet website. (Under Construction)
5-       The Medical Center may provide patients interpreters (Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, Spanish to assist them in understanding its Charity Care Program in the language spoken by the patient during initial registration process.
6-       On all bills and statements sent to patients, a statement will be included regarding the availability of various financial assistance programs, including charity care, and a contact number to call to obtain further information. This information will be available at or below a sixth grade reading level.

Application for Financial Assistance:

1-       Patients requesting financial relief from their bill will be provided with an application for charity care. Application materials shall include a notice to patients that upon submission of a completed application, including any information or documentation needed to determine eligibility, the patient may disregard any bills until the CARE & CARE Medical Center has rendered a decision on the application.
2-       Completed charity care applications with supporting documentation must be returned to the CARE & CARE Medical Center’s patient access department for verification purposes. Applications for services should be accompanied with a Medicaid denial (if available).

3-       Patients who do not provide the requested information necessary to completely and accurately assess their financial situation in a timely fashion and/or who do not cooperate with efforts to secure governmental healthcare coverage may not be eligible for charity care.
4-       Charity care eligibility will be determined by the attached guidelines and reviewed by the CARE & CARE Medical Center’s concerned Officer or other designated individual.
5-       The CARE & CARE Medical Center may provide discounts for patients who are unable to pay, but the criteria used will apply equally to all patients regardless of the payer. However, applications that do not meet all of the established criteria may be approved based upon extraordinary circumstances with the documented approval of the CARE & CARE Medical Center’s concerned officer or designated Individual.  
6-       The CARE & CARE Medical Center will notify the patient of its determination in writing within thirty (30) days of receipt of the application.  
7.        If the patient has applied and obtained charity care within the last six (6) months and the patient’s financial circumstances have not changed, the patient shall be deemed eligible for charity care without having to submit a new charity care application.
8-       All applications shall be maintained on file by the CARE & CARE Medical Center.


  1. The CARE & CARE Board will review its Medical Center Charity Care Policy annually.
  2. The Medical Center shall develop a mechanism to measure its compliance with this Policy.
  3. Compliance with these policies will be monitored semi annually by the CARE & CARE
  4. The CARE & CARE Medical Center Charity Care Policy shall be available for review to the Department of Health Services of Illinois and other regulatory authorities upon request.
  5. The CARE & CARE Medical Center shall comply with all governmental reporting requirements.


CARE & CARE Anti-Terrorism Measures:


CARE & CARE’s projects executed and continue to be executed by using CARE & CARE’s volunteers and employees. If a need arises to work with a partner organization, CARE & CARE does not release funds to any organization until the organization and the names of its board of directors are checked against the terrorist organization lists issued by the United Nations, United State Department of Treasury and European Union.
In addition, all CARE & CARE employees, project volunteers and partner organizations are required to carefully read the Anti-Terrorist Financing Guidelines: Voluntary Best Practices for U.S.-Based Charities by the US Department of Treasury and attest to executing the projects according to these guidelines as well as the laws of the project country.