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Our Story

CARE & CARE was established in October of 2009 when its founding members recognized the health, education, and nutritional needs of the communities within the Chicago land Metropolitan area, the United States, and abroad. Under precarious and unpredictable economic conditions, many of this country’s families, children, women, men, and elderly can easily slide into a poor quality of life. Job losses, along with many other poor economic conditions, have forced families and individuals to concentrate their energies on simply bringing food to the table, whilst ignoring their healthcare, educational and nutritional needs. In short, many families’ healthcare needs are compromised due to economic conditions. Recognizing these circumstances, and their effects within society, was the driving force behind the establishment of CARE & CARE, a 501(C)3 not-for-profit organization.

C – Compassion
A – Affection
R – Respect
E – Excellence

As an organization, CARE & CARE is staffed by compassionate and competent professionals. Their integrity, insight, and experience allow them to make meaningful contributions to each and every individual client on a regular basis. The dedicated staff – comprised of Physicians, Nurses, and other related healthcare professionals – work at CARE & CARE on a volunteer basis.

Our formula for transforming the lives of our fellow human beings locally and internationally is simple:  to produce real change, we recognize our challenges, build on our strengths, and learn from our mistakes.

Change is not easy, nor does it come at lightning speed. CARE & CARE is committed to helping families and individuals live better lives while giving whatever it takes. All this could not have been made possible without the generous support of the Friends and well-wishers of CARE & CARE. You can DONATE to the Cause as well.