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Our Promise

Serving the Humanity

CARE & CARE envisions a strong community comprised of healthy children, families and individuals of all ages – regardless of their financial statusor health insurance situation.

We live in a complex, fast-paced society. CARE & CARE’s role is to specifically identify and assist individuals, families, children, women and seniors of any age, race, color, status or religion who are experiencing emotional, financial, or bodily hardship.

CARE & CARE strives to create, manage, and regularly maintain care facilities.  Our goal with these care facilities is as follows:

  • To operate healthcare, educational and nutritional facilities nationally/internationally, and form partnerships with other caregivers and institutions in developing countries. We also seek to improve the delivery and availability of healthcare services by providing appropriate medical equipment, expertise and related supplies.
  • To establish nutrition centers for the community that can fulfill the nutritional needs of women, children and elders, thereby creating healthy communities and healthy productive individuals.
  • To operate Educational Institutions where possible nationally, internationally or creating partnerships and alliances with other institutions to provide direct healthcare, educational and nutritional services.

  • To establish an internet-based international community center to disseminate information and knowledge, facilitate communication and promote friendship, good will and to act as a bridge between resources and immediate needs.

CARE & CARE strictly follows Federal Poverty Guidelines of the current year (2016) as the basis of qualification for receiving healthcare and other services offered within the United States by CARE & CARE Medical Centers and its partner medical facilities. CARE & CARE is an independent organization and is not associated or affiliated with any governmental agency, political association, masjid, church or religious organization.