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Our Model for Success

Highly Skilled Staff & Volunteers applying social skills is an integral part to our success.

CARE & CARE takes pride in acknowledging that every individual that we work with whether it’s a client, parent, family member, physician, volunteer or a stakeholder is going to be happy with the services we provide to all concerned parties or individuals.

CARE & CARE does not claim to be 100% perfect or guarantee a solution for everyone.  Rather, the CARE & CARE team & volunteers work hard to leave positive impacts on the lives of the individuals, families, parents, children and elders regardless of their race, religion, gender, age, or nationality.

CARE & CARE is doing everything possible to find and secure resources, physicians, volunteers and related professionals who understand the clinical and behavioral approaches to address a diversity of problems.

Once a developed plan is implemented, a single cohesive team relationship maintains communication with all parties involved for the benefit of the recipients. Much of our success comes from providing a balanced approach in maintaining staff vs client/patient ratio.

This balanced approach ensures that each individual client receives adequate attention from our staff to help reach their goals and expectations within the offered program parameters.
Learning and applying appropriate skills are essential components for CARE & CARE’s success as an organization.