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Mission Statement

CARE & CARE is committed to improving the quality of life to those who are disadvantaged by poverty, disability, or age. CARE & CARE has laid a strong foundation for a dignified and meaningful life by providing various services, including but not limited to: CharityRelief, Research and Education.  In order to work towards these broad goals. CARE & CARE operates a medical center in North Side of Chicago that is primary care focused and seeks to promote the maintenance of overall health. The medical center offers free and subsidized health services to individuals in need.

Three of our predominant goals are: 

1. To operate Healthcare facilities nationally | internationally and form partnerships with caregivers in developing countries to provide appropriate medical equipment and supplies in order to improve the overall delivery and availability of healthcare services.

2. To operate Educational Institutions where possible, nationally, internationally.  To do this, we are also willing to partner with other providers in order to provide direct educational services.

3.  To establish an internet-based international community hub that serves to disseminate knowledge and information, facilitate communication, promote friendship and good will, and to act as a bridge between resources and needs.