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On behalf of Care & Care board, staff and volunteers, we pray this post reaches you in good health and high spirit while Fasting this blessed month of Ramadan. You have been a true supporter of Care & Care for the past years.

Care & Care has Stepped it’s Efforts to provide extra Help and Assistance to Refugees | Immigrants | Un-Insured | Under-Insured Women | Children | Men and Elder population of Chicago land Area including

Ongoing crisis in Burma, Iraq, Syria and other conflict areas has produced more than Five Million Refugees all over the World. CARE & CARE is working for Chicago area Refugees Healthcare needs in this hour of pain and sufferings. Your Kind DONATIONS  of ( ZAKAT, SADAQA, ZAKAT-UL-FITR…help us to keep assisting our Refugee brothers, sisters & children right here in our backyard.

Please Help and DONATE your ZAKAT | SADAQA | ZAKAT-UL-FITR Generously during this Blessed Month of RAMADAN KAREEM to CARE & CARE to keep our Doors Open and Serve the REFUGEE Population of our Area in their Need of the Hour.

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