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Corporate SponsorShip

The financial support and product contributions of individuals, organizations, and companies makes our work possible. CARE & CARE recognizes that each contribution represents a judgment of trust in our ability to help people, and we are highly appreciative of every bit of support that we receive. Donations from individuals provide a significant percentage of our annual funding, and are essential for sustaining our work. 90% of all the donations received from our donors are directly utilized towards our causes and specific activities.

CARE & CARE hopes that you will strongly consider making valuable DONATIONS so that we may continue serving the needy.

CARE & CARE has long benefited from strong ties to medical suppliers, manufacturers, and various entities that contribute assets.  These assets include pharmaceutical products, medical equipment, and regular supplies – all of which are in scarce supply and urgently needed locally and around the world. CARE & CARE also benefits from innovative corporate giving practices, in which manufacturers actively make products for the sole purpose of making them available to charitable causes that lack financial means to purchase such items at market prices.

At CARE & CARE, we are highly appreciative of the following organizations for their valuable DONATIONS: